Your description of the survey content and consultation
At the time of consultation by phone or e-mail , please tell us in detail the requests for things to be worried about and research .

Business trip We also offer consultation in the interview .

Tokyo 's 23 wards (the other part ) , Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture , Kawasaki City will ask free of charge to your designated location . Please contact us in other areas .

Free Consultation Far 

Up to 60 minutes only for the initial consultation charge free.

( Generally,  5,000 jpy/every 30 minutes

BUT made contract to be Free.)

Top priority to keep privacy strict observance
Detailed quote , for survey content suggestions, cliant will be asked for more personal information. Personal information obtained is strictly managed confidentially, It must never known to a third party.

* Please be assured that we do not make the aggressive solicitation and sales .


Confirmation                        Payment expense and Contract

Your subscription , payment costs , description of payment method
Your questions and the top question , becomes your contract on assent.
It is possible to propose survey methods by the client's budget.
* Please note. Depending on your contract , you may show copy of the identification card is required . 

Description for the cancellation

For cancellation after made contract, we will tell details your description.
If you have any questions,  please do not hesitate to ask anything.


Start Invesigation

Relieved by a substantial security system

After starting to investigate, we contact you according to the your request.

The real time report which is being investigated is also possible.

◎ Bacscally investigators stands by 30 minutes before designation time at the point.

◎ If the scheduled investigation couldn't be continued, re-investigation could be done in no charge.

*Please assure, re-investigation only one time by the next chance.

Report of results

We will submit accurate and clear report .

The report in exchange for the balance, which is calculated by accounting , it becomes the delivery payment completion .


* After the end of the study , we will calculate the amount by summing the number of days , time and actual cost expenses .
* The report document may take 5 to 10 days.
We will report and detailed action date and destination address and contact person of the identity of the subject as evidence material.
* The evidence edited images taken by the VCR to CD-R ( photos ) · DVD / BlueRay(movie) .

Aftercare After Investigation

Even after investigation, if you have worrisome, please feel free to call.
To fit the situation , we will introduce the experts in each field for free.

Although, if results found clearly, whether the problem has led to the resolution, Because, it is only known by the client's position.

We will advise on solving problems as much as possible.