Case and Costs

Measure of one case and the cost of the survey items

We have posted an example of the total cost for each survey item .
Also performed a review of costs by the survey content and survey projects . It becomes even more cheaply in the investigation of a simple fee . Please feel free to contact us .


To me for a number of days and the total cost spent on each survey

1. We also presented at the time of consultation estimate of the total cost .

2. This is the additional cost of also clear is our feature in the detailed price list .

3. it is included "Creating one , research equipment and report vehicle " in the survey cost .


Background check

Survey content Former employee who had performed an illegal accounting ( dismissal before one month ) is information and are in contact with suppliers .
Investigation dates
5 days / 08:00 to 17:00 (total 45 hours)
Investigation fee
627,500 yen + expenses ( 35,600 yen )
Report reports and evidence the video of the action recorded in photos and DVD
After investigation
Or under consideration be accused of criminal case based on the evidence

Cheating investigation

Survey content My wife asked the cheating investigation of her husband . Investigator 2 people
Investigation dates The 1st / 08:00 to 19:00 ( 11 hours)
Investigation fee 149,000 yen + expenses ( 3,580 yen )
Survey Report reports and evidence the video of the action recorded in photos and DVD
After investigation And ask the lawyer after the investigation , and send the contents certificate of soap ban to the other women .


Stalker problem

Survey content Visit perpetrator as a customer in the shop has worked in the victim , and begins haunted . Then , it warned that through the people of the shop , to stop the act . Police were also consulted , but not me empathetic to move people in the middle that the foreigner .
Investigation dates To perform a background check of personal protection and the other party
Investigation fee About two weeks ( a total of 400 000 )
After investigation Lawyer and cooperation correspond to the person who had done the stalker . We do direct negotiations to stalker person .
To submit evidence of action also to the police on the fly ※


Business partners Survey

In Darutan detective office , make the customer credit check required for transactions between the new and ongoing enterprise . It may be difficult to avoid the trouble you are relying only on data credit information . The transaction is in the opportunity , also in order to not adversely affect to the survival of the company , it is essential to know the certain information . Also , please contact us so we will also investigate between foreign companies .

Marriage Investgation

Survey content Check the partner's personal data and family affairs as correctly, before getting married. Mainly, Hearing infomation about target from relative persons who are not close to kins and their family and  local people.  
Investigation dates 1 week.
Investigation fee from 200,000jpy
After investigation We do not have responsible for after reported, at all. 


For the survey methods , survey based on the report done from the basic information collection such as documents , such as direct investigation of to the other side if necessary , to develop a research method that emphasizes the intention of the client we propose .

Regarding for investigation costs , after I heard the details , it becomes the quote submission .