Corresponding to various cases in more than 26 years of experiences and extensive effort.

DARUTAN Investigation office has been proven track record in 26 years as a reliable detective agency in Yokohama Tokyo and all over Kanto region . Please be assured that personal information was our consultation we have thoroughly educate confidential . It corresponds to case such Cheating partner, Behavior servailance, Missing person and Corporate problems , abuse , stalking , eavesdropping discovery of Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture in relation to investigation .   


We will submit a clear-cut your report. A critical photos and video record are taken from the front of the subject , we will provide a reliable evidence as DVD and other medias. Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture , Japan to the whole country and overseas are possible to covered by the customer's request. After the investigation started, the progress reports told to suit your needs. We have got a high reputation from the law firm as a professional detective agency guaranteed .    workflow

We have English speaking staff generally. The investigator has more than 15 years experience.
All of the research will be supported by detective history more than 15 years of staff who is familiar with the various cases .

Skilled staff , will submit a definite result in reliable surveillances such as Tailing, Zhang lump - shooting . The foreign customers can ask to respond staff in English will be fully compatible .  

                              English Speakable Staff

Please feel free to use the English speaker dial .

Domestic    045 620 6990

Overseas +81 45 620 6990

Eliminate the anxiety of the business-to-business transactions , and achieve a safe business .
DARUTAN Investigation office , make the customer credit check required for transactions between the new and ongoing enterprises. Only the data credit information , prediction and avoidance of trouble will be difficult . The sound and secure business-to-business transactions , is essential to grasp a solid information . It is possible to solve your request regardless in domestic and overseas.  cases-and-costs